SuperDruid software & server infrastructure solutions

Your business needs improvement in terms of software of infrastructure?
We deliver great customized solutions for you that...

Saves time

By reducing & automating
repetitive tasks

Are cross device compatibile

Cloud based web apps
available on all browsers and platforms

Are cutting edge

Modern & beautifull apps
long time investment

SuperDruid software development services

We offer wide range of IT services. Custom-tailored, database-driven analitical applications, web shops, 3rd party and service integration, custom design solutions will ensure great visibility and functionality while our servers will provide stable platform with minmum downtime!

SaaS / cloud application development

If scalability, availability, data security and mobility is your need - we have right solution for you!

We provide awesome design

Awesome design

We provide custom hand-crafted design for your web app project

Standard web apps

Corporate web, web stores with payment, small & micro web applications, web api applications, rich media web applications

Data intensive and statistical web apps

Custom tailored CRM, OLAP, CMS, PMS, DMS web applications

Tools we use


is tool of choice


is programming language of choice

We like'em all

and silently favour DigitalOcean

We use them

on daily basis

Customers can reach us

anytime, anywhere

Responsive web apps

Using modern technology to deliver product available on numerous platforms and devices.

Advanced functionality

For optimization of daily workflow, time savings and productivity enhancements.

Custom tailored solution

Don't organize your work according to software, use software customized for your needs.

Long lasting solution

All of our software is developed using cutting edge technology, it is easily extendable and customizable.

Our solution are used by

over 1.500 happy users

working in 120 companies

Great experience working with guys, full of understanding and patience. Lots of smart suggestions made our application even better than we could immagine.

F. Alex


Pleasant & productive cooperation. Great involvement on optimizing our CRM and backoffice applications which saved us 1 day a week.

B. Vedran


As real estate agency we require flexibility, puctuality and data security. Solution we have been provided with is awesome. Propert.IO is awesome!


Real estate agent

Managing our conference room bookings has never been easier and simpler both for us and our customers.

I. Bela

Business coordinator

Our business depends on communication with customers and support for our e-mail communication infrastructure was superb. With minimum downtime and fast response - we're running our business smoothly.

B. Vedran


Our company finaly has web presence as it deserves. All of our demands were satisfied and we're very happy with the final product.

K. Vladimir


We just loved design solutions and suggestions for our regional promotion campaign of products in our portfolio.


Brand manager

With their help we have managed to cut production cost of our web shop while improving performance which was hard to imagine for us. Customer support was also outstanding.

B. Rohit


As NGO that provides free legal support we are now convinced that great software solution for organizing our daily workflow & customers records management can be easy to use and implement... and it doesn't come with huge pricetag too!

B.G. Marina

Project manager